Dr. Kelly Stickney, Associate


Dr. Stickney grew up in Houston, Texas, with a variety of pets around the house affectionately referred to as their “zoo.” She cared for cats, dogs, cockatiels and parakeets, fish, and rabbits, which was a natural step for her to want to become a veterinarian. She began her journey by attending Texas A&M for both her Bachelor’s degree and her DVM, which she completed in 2011. After graduating, Dr. Stickney began working at a small animal veterinary hospital in Rockwall and Rowlett where she also worked closely with local animal shelters to provide veterinary services to animals in need of care. She is passionate about caring for both people and their pets, and strives to continue learning new things to better help her patients.


Dr. Stickney enjoys cooking and baking, square foot gardening, reading science fiction novels, and Star Trek (much to her husband’s embarrassment). She and her husband Kevin have one rambunctious, young son, Elijah. She also has two miniature dachshunds, Evie and Danny; two tabby cats, Heather and Bogart; and Jack, a Siamese mix.