DNA Testing

DNA Testing for Mixed Breed Dogs

Do you wonder what breeds are in your mutt? No more guesswork! A new DNA test allows us to accurately answer this question! The test is called Genetic Health Analysis from Royal Canin. After 10 years of documenting the DNA patterns of 300 AKC recognized breeds, they are capable of matching your dog's DNA to determine what breeds are in his genetic background.

The test is simple and relatively inexpensive! It requires a small blood sample. We will send the sample to the lab for you and 3-5 weeks later we will receive a report to pass on to you telling you what breeds are in your mix. Royal Canin has given us a simple, accurate and inexpensive test to help us answer the question all mixed breed pet owners want to know, "What breeds are in my mutt?"

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Maverick's suprising DNA results...Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle!


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