New Puppy Homework


Research the breed that you have now acquired. Each breed has specific requirements such as the following:

  1. What group are they in?
  2. What were they bred to do?
  3. Exercise Needs
  4. Nutritional Needs
  5. Grooming Needs
  6. Preventative Medical Care
  7. Predisposed Medical Problems

Even better, find a way to incorporate what your dog was instinctively bred to do into his regular routines!

(Example: Border Collies are a herding breed, so learning agility would be a bonding experience for you and reduce behavior problems for them. It provides exercise and mental stimulation for your pet!)

Health and Care

Start Housetraining:

  1. Crate Training - The fastest and most effective way to house-train!
  2. Potty Pads
  3. Litter Training

Start on Proper Nutrition

Start Heartworm/Flea Prevention


Start handling exercises with ears and toenails to get them used to all body parts being handled.

This will make ear cleanings and toenail trims done later much easier if you reward the positive behavior and ignore the bad. Puppies can throw small temper tantrums if they don't like something, but introducing these behaviors slowly and using treats will make the process go more smoothly. Release the paw when they are relaxed (reward what you want!).

Start looking into training and obedience classes.

Obedient and Socialized pets tend to stay out of harm's way! It's never too early to start!